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2 Loaves of Round Galician Bread - Bollas Gallegas by Peregrino

2 Loaves of Round Galician Bread - Bollas Gallegas by Peregrino

Pre-Baked Bread from Spain - 1.32 Pounds Total

All Natural

$13.50 BD-41


  • Loaves are each about 7.5 inches in diameter
  • Pre-baked in Lugo, Galicia
  • Crusty, airy round loaves of white bread
  • Ready in about 10 minutes
  • Size - 2 loaves - 1.32 pounds

We're excited to offer this delicious bread from the ovens of a bakery in Lugo, Galicia. Bollas Gallegas are rustic round loaves of white bread. With its crackly thin crust and sweet, airy interior, it is one of Galicia's unsung treasures.

Bolla Gallega is easy to prepare; in just a few minutes, the mouthwatering aroma of freshly baked bread will fill your home. Place this partially baked bread in an oven that is preheated to 375 degrees, and bake for about 10 minutes. It has an airy interior full of holes surrounded by a thin, crisp crust. Perfect to eat anytime of day, this round loaf is perfect at dinner, for sandwiches, or with Seville orange marmalade at breakfast.

Those of you who have visited Santiago de Compostela will remember eating the extraordinary bread of Galicia. For years we've searched for a Galician bread to carry at La Tienda and we've finally found it!

The medieval pilgrimage city of Santiago de Compostela is inspiring in its spirituality and architecture, but is also memorable for its abundance of fresh seafood and vegetables native to the region. You can feast on sizzling platters of locally grown padrón peppers, bubbling cazuelas of Coquille San Jacques from freshly harvested scallops, and pulpo simmering in oil, garlic and smoked paprika. All of these extraordinary dishes are accompanied by bread that is legendary throughout Spain.


Wheat flour, water, salt, yeast, calcium carbonate (a stabilizer), mono and diacetyl tartaric acid esters of glycerides of fatty acids (an emulsifier) and ascorbic acid (as antioxidant). CONTAINS: WHEAT

Average Customer Rating: 4.5 out of 5 based on 15 reviews

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Elaine Felding - Brownsville, OR  2 Star Rating
"The bread was o.k., but after the rolls I was disappointed--sort of flat. I would not pay for the shipping on this bread if I wasn't buying other items"

Dani Mottley - Point Pleasant, NJ  5 Star Rating


"rico!!! coming from Lugo, I love to be able to buy this bread, just a little too expensive"

Shiu Chun Lok - Moraga, CA  3 Star Rating


Barbara Suarez - Chappaqua, New York  5 Star Rating
"It is like being back home....Riquisimo!!!"

Paul - Rockport, Massachusetts  5 Star Rating

Joanne - Long Island, New York  4 Star Rating
"I love the long baguette version of this at La Tienda sold in multiples so I tried these round ones. Although good, I found the baguettes more to my liking. I also was told by the La Tienda rep that both breads could be frozen upon arrival; but these round loaves came with instructions NOT to freeze, the baguettes said it was ok--just another reason why I will stick with the baguettes. NOTE FROM LA TIENDA: All of our breads can be refrozen and we are in the process of changing the labels. Sorry for the confusion!"

Sarah - Rhinelander, Wisconsin  5 Star Rating

Jessica  5 Star Rating
"My husband is from Santiago de Compostela and we miss Pan Gallega. We were happy that these breads are available here."

alice  5 Star Rating

TMS  5 Star Rating
"This is some of the best bread I have ever eaten! The crust is crunchy but the inside is light & airy. It goes with everything but is delicious on it's own too!"

Miriam  5 Star Rating
"Amazing bread! brought me back to Galicia from the moment I put it in the oven. "

Allyn  5 Star Rating
"This and the barras are our favoites. We cut wedges just out of the oven and stuffed them with some of the delicous Spanish cheeses we had gotten from La Tienda, and it was heavenly! It is so exciting to be able to get the wonderful bread from Spain delivered to my door!!"

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